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What to expect from a Nutritional Therapy consultation

When you book your initial consultation I will ask your reason for coming and request that you complete a food diary and a list of medications and supplements that you are currently taking. I would like these to be returned to me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Your Appointment

Your initial appointment will usually last one and a half hours. I will take an in-depth case history asking questions about your current symptoms but also family history and all major systems within your body, along with lifestyle, food intake, stress levels and your goals/aim.

Please bring along any recent test results or anything else that you think may be relevant.


Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will consist of any dietary changes that I think may be appropriate, my training was in Naturopathic Nutrition this means we aim to use food as medicine on the whole, but will suggest supplementing with specific vitamins, minerals or remedies if appropriate.

I may suggest lifestyle changes such as exercise and stress management or refer you to other therapists or your GP if I believe it to be beneficial to you.

Treatment Review

Your treatment plan and progress will then be reviewed in approximately 6 weeks.

The review is important as everyone responds to treatment in a different way, so we may need to make some changes, or move on to your next goal.

I will encourage you to keep in contact with me during this time, with any queries or problems.
It is also important to understand that while some issues may improve quickly it can often take longer. 3 months is a realistic time frame for many conditions to see some benefit.

But as you will see a lot of what we will look at are long term lifestyle changes.